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Chinese Journal of Cancer Research期刊簡介

《Chinese Journal of Cancer Research》(雙月刊)創刊于1989年,由中國抗癌協會、北京市腫瘤研究所主辦。作為國內主要的英文腫瘤學期刊,面向國際介紹我國腫瘤防治研究在基礎理論和臨床診斷治療以及癌癥控制與預防各個領域所取得的學術成果和新近進展,旨在反映我國癌癥研究的概貌,促進國內外學術交流,提高我國癌癥研究與癌癥治療水平,推動我國抗癌事業的發展。

《Chinese Journal of Cancer Research》旨在反映我國癌癥研究的概貌,促進國內外學術交流,提高我國癌癥研究與癌癥治療水平,推動我國抗癌事業的發展。

《Chinese Journal of Cancer Research》內容主要刊載腫瘤學包括其各分支學科的研究論文,內容涉及癌癥控制與預防、腫瘤病因與流行病學、腫瘤細胞分子生物學、腫瘤病理學、抗癌藥物、腫瘤影像診斷、腫瘤外科治療、化學治療、放射治療、生物治療以及中西醫結合腫瘤學等。

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Chinese Journal of Cancer Research期刊收錄

CA 化學文摘(美),CSCD 中國科學引文數據庫來源期刊(含擴展版),SCI 科學引文索引(美),知網收錄(中),統計源核心期刊(中國科技論文核心期刊),維普收錄(中),

Chinese Journal of Cancer Research期刊影響因子


Chinese Journal of Cancer Research雜志社征稿要求

1, the manuscript should be reliable, accurate data, creative, scientific, practical.The argument should be novel, argument is sufficient and reliable data, conceited (plagiarism), the text should be concise.

2, the name in the text under the title of the order, the arrangement should be determined in the submission.Author's name, unit, detailed address and postal code must be written clearly,the author must obtain the consent of the author's draft, the other authors agree, row order, after the notice is no longer change.

3, in order to shorten the period of published and reduce errors,the drawings are in word format, and please specify my contact details.

4, the editorial department has to delete Xiu contribution,do not agree with the statement in the manuscript please amend the contributions.

5,Names of journals should be abbreviated according to the style used in Index Medicus.Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the references.

6,Authors and affiliations:

(i) the full names of all authors;

(ii) the addresses of the institutions at which the work was carried out together with the full postal address incluing post codes;

(iii) the email address, telephone and facsimile umbers of the author to whom correspondence about the manuscript should be sent.

引用地址:論文發表期刊>Chinese Journal of Cancer ResearchCSCD核心期刊,SCI核心期刊,統計源期刊論文發表要求_Chinese Journal of Cancer Research雜志郵箱投稿:url:

Chinese Journal of Cancer Research

Chinese Journal of Cancer Research

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